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    P. O. Box 1645  Tioga, LA 71477

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We offer 55, 33, 38, and 14 passenger transportation! 

We would love to have you come travel with us!


Looking for transportation for your special event, whether it is a

business trip, wedding, school field trip, sports game, and the list go on. Call us to take care of your transportation! Offering you a safe and wonderful trip with our top of the line drivers and escorts. Our rates are very competitive, as we strive to meet your needs.

We run a 55, 33, 38, and 14 passenger bus.

Along with Limo Services:

We have the perfect vehicle to suit your desires, wheather it's just a romantic night out, wedding day, going to prom, going to a game or a night on the town. Give us a call to book! 

Call Darlene at (318) 641-8687 today to book!